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The Path of Kriya Yoga

Discipleship Series (Level 3)

The Guru acts like a Lighthouse, shining the Divine Light with a mighty blaze of awakening into the darkness of human delusion.

In this, Discipleship (Level-3) six class series, divided into two parts part 3(A) & 3(B)

Part 3(A)

This is for all those who feel a deep inward connection with Paramhansa Yogananadaji and to the line of the masters of Self- Realization and want to Explore and Understand the Guru-Disciple relationship.

In this section, you will learn,

  • Understanding the Need of the Guru
  • Attunement to the Guru/ Magnetism of Guru
  • Life is a Battlefield
  • Discipleship
  • Anatomy of the Yoga

Part 3(B)

This part is for those who have been Initiated as per Part III A and have approval from the Center Leader.

  • This Kriya Preparation Section includes instructions in the AUM Technique of Meditation and further prepares the student for Kriya Yoga Initiation.

    Date: 23rd April-21st May (Every Sunday)

    Time: 3:00 pm-5:30 pmPrerequisite: Level 2.This will be a 6 class series. You can join by registering through the Register now Button.AUM
    Ananda Sangha Noida