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Foundation of Kriya Yoga- The Art & Science of Raja yoga ( Level 2)

" Foundation for Kriya yoga" - The Art & Science of Raja yoga ( Level 2) series will commence from Sunday 05th May 2024. Dive deeper into the understanding of the spiritual science of Kriya Yoga and apply the teachings to all aspects of life thereby leading it in a spiritually balanced way. 🌼 Time: 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. ... Read More

Healing Yourself and Others with the Power of Life Force

Dear Ones, Please Join us for the special workshop with Nayaswmai Shivani. In this class, she will present an overview of each volume: Prana, Mind, and Magnetism, and lead a few of the techniques included in the books.  Please attend this program with your family and friends. This class will be In-Person only. You can buy these books from the ... Read More